Dudley Teaches Dance Calling June Week 2018

Dudley Laufman is no stranger to anyone who has been to Maine Fiddle Camp. He has been coming every year to call an evening “Old Time Barn Dance”, and to teach a pick up orchestra how to play for such a dance. Dudley, from Canterbury, NH plays melodeon, fiddle, teaches, calls, is a folklorist and poet and has been doing this for over SIXTY-FIVE years!! Here’s his new webpage if you want to read more: www.dudleylaufman.com In 2018 Dudley will be on staff for the full June week (June 17-22) teaching his craft. The details are still being worked out, but there will be at least one and maybe two classes per day, leaving the possibility for Campers to take instrument classes as well. His own words, describing the class, are below:

THE DUDLEY DANCE: How To call  Dances for One Night Stands, Weddings, Barn Dances, Birthday Parties, etc.  Might include playing and calling at the same time.  How to call without the use of cards.  How to choose music for whole set and cir

cle dances. When or when not to use certain dances. Background of the dances and music that goes with them.  My connection to these dances and tunes.

Herewith  list of dances to have students learn.

Brandy Simple
Brandy Sherbrooke
Sir Roger de Coverly
Over The Top
Low Backed Car

The above longways dances are what I call Whole Set Dances. These are when just the top couple is active, and the progress to the foot is in one fell-swoop, usually chasse-ing in a mad galop.

Annie Laurie
Old Cotillion
Big Circle
La Bastringue

The above dances may be done in square or circle formation.

Dudley Laufman is probably the primary inspiration for the creation of Maine Fiddle Camp 20+ years ago!

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