Dining TentFor several years now meals at Maine Fiddle Camp have been provided by Tim Johnson with help from scores of volunteers. They fill our kitchen with wonderful smells of healthy homemade food, and our meal table with beautiful and delicious food created largely from local and organic ingredients. Campers with special dietary needs are happily accommodated and there are always vegetarian, wheat free and dairy free meal options.

The kitchen loves (and needs) VOLUNTEERS and Tim welcomes helpers. Working in the kitchen might even be a highlight of your experience at camp as you get to be part of creating delicious meals and snacks under Tim’s friendly relaxed direction. Of course the kitchen volunteers are an integral part of the food service at Maine Fiddle Camp so plan an hour or two somewhere during your week or weekend to pitch in. You won’t regret it.

At Maine Fiddle Camp, we value our farmland and farmers above cheap food, and we honor this ideal by serving food made from scratch featuring locally grown ingredients wherever possible. The result is more than a delicious meal, it is food prepared intentionally as a celebration of Maine’s way of life. This is the overall philosophy of Maine Fiddle Camp as well. Local Musicians and local farmers. Food and music. Feed the body feed the soul. Honor the old traditions with everyone, young and old, working together towards a common goal. Enjoy!