Dates for 2017 Maine Fiddle Camps

Here are the dates! Start making your plans now!

June weekend I – June 16-18, 2017

June Week – June 18-23, 2017

June weekend II – June 23-25, 2017

August week I – Aug 6-11, 2017

August week II – Aug 13-18, 2017

Note that the calendar has finally benefitted us by moving the start of Maine Fiddle Camp later in the month of June and, therefore, farther from the end of school! The August sessions are a couple days earlier as well, so there will be less interference with the start of school. Camp will once again be at Camp NEOFA in Montville, Maine. New brochures, and online registration forms will be available in a day or two, but it’s not too early to start thinking about Camp next summer!

With the calendar change, think about one of the June sessions. With a slightly smaller number of campers, there will be no “waiting lists”, and the teacher to student ratio is much more favorable to the students. Still, the greatest Camps (and greatest Staff) EVER! Want to get to Camp as soon as possible? Try the first June weekend, June 16-18. This is the “original” Maine Fiddle camp session. Great staff, great campers. For the June week there will also be the usual great Quebecois presence in Camp and this will run right through June Weekend II (June 23-25) will once again feature MFC Squeezebox Weekend, with instruction in all accordions and concertinas. June will also be “Ukulele month” with uke instruction all three sessions. The June week (June 18-23) will once again be “mountain dulcimer week” with Maine’s preeminent teacher, Pam Weeks running the show! If you want a sample (or a reminder), here’s a GREAT little video with clips from June 2015!

Of course, the August Camps will be “better than ever” too. These two weeks fill up fast, so be aware and register soon. There’s more info on camp specific to each session for this year available right here on the MFC website, notes on our great staff too!.

What makes Maine Fiddle Camp different than all the other traditional music camps? If you’ve been to MFC you know, if not, it’s pretty simple! Maine Fiddle Camp is not only more affordable, but there are more opportunities to learn and participate than most other camps. Camp offers instruction in more instruments than all the other camps and while you may just want to study fiddle or guitar, having the opportunity to jam with lots of other instruments and even perform on stage with them is unique. At Maine Fiddle Camp, campers go to class and study with their teachers, sure, but they also eat with them, go swimming with them, perform on stage with them, sing songs around the campfire, dance, play in an orchestra for the evening dances, and very often teachers are available for one-on-one instruction. At Maine Fiddle Camp, “we’re all in this together”! And unlike a lot of camps, Maine Fiddle Camp is mult-generational. While some of the classes (fiddle mostly, but some others too) are separated between adults and youths, the other activities are all inclusive. It’s part of our tradition in Maine and part of what makes Camp so much fun! Classes are geared to the student and we try not to leave anyone behind, while challenging all those who want it!!

If you’ve been to Camp, you’ve heard the expression, “Twice the program at half the price”. This isn’t just a joke, it’s true. Maine Fiddle Camp is more affordable than any other traditional music camp. And we do not charge extra for anything! Once you’re at Camp, housing, food, evening concerts, concerts with special surprise guests, evening old time barn dance.. jam sessions, swimming, kids’ activities,.. all this is part of the program!

Finally, the number one thing that makes Maine Fiddle Camp so great is the campers! We want YOU at Camp next year. Spread the word, bring a friend! See you in 2017!

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