Hi campers! Well it’s June, Maine Fiddle Camp begins on June 16, and there is still plenty of room in all the sessions!! There are three camps in June, two weekends and one full week. The dates are listed to the left here.. We’ve got a great staff lined up, Camp NEOFA is all cleaned up and ready to go, the weather forecast has the temperatures trending UP, there’s plenty of water in True’s Pond,… so,… what’s holding you back!! Highlights in June are Quebecois music (Pascal Gemme, Raz de Maree), Squeezebox Weekend (piano and button accordion plus concertina), mountain dulcimer week with Pam Weeks. Read about all this below. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.. Maine Fiddle Camp is about all traditional music and dance, especially that from Maine and New England.. Quebecois, New England and “Downeast” styles, Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian. In addition to the classes where you can learn your instrument at ANY LEVEL, there will be music all day and night, concerts, skits, workshops, old time barn dances, singing around the campfire, GREAT FOOD, jam sessions every night, and surprises I just can’t go into here!! All this and more at a rate that is so affordable (twice the program at half the price I believe I’ve heard it said!) why not just give it a try!!?? Maine Fiddle Camp is a non-profit, multigenerational music camp.. Read more on this website or get an overview here. Into videos?.. Check here. See you soon at Maine Fiddle Camp!!

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