2020 COVID-19 Camp Cancellation Comments

Hi Jo-Anne and Doug!
It is sad, but I think the right thing to do. Carl and I have done August camp 4 years running. We will greatly miss camp, all the people, the wonderful food, the great teachers!
Stay well, be safe, see you in 2021!
Phyllis Purves-smith & Carl Hemenway
Philadelphia, Pa.

Not at all surprised but still of course SO sad to hear it….2021 is going to be a banner year.
Hope you are doing ok in all of this. Thinking of all my MFC staff buddies!!!
Love always,
Jenny van West

Regrettably, I figured it might come to this.
That said, I believe you are doing the right thing.
Best regards,
Dave Cousineau

Hello Joanne – yes, so sad. But so important to do.
I have quite a bit of experience using Zoom for online meetings (even going to use it next week for my hairdresser to coach me through a haircut, because she wouldn’t take my money for doing nothing) so if that experience can be helpful in any way, let me know. This is definitely a time for creativity!
-cynthia phinney

Oh no! I understand the decision but am really sorry not to  have the hope of going to the Maine fiddle camp for the two weeks in August.  I was hoping that the decision could be put off until later with the illusion that all this mess would clear up enough.but of course, a lot of decisions have to be made. May all of you be safe and remain healthy.   I will keep fiddling away and look forward to seeing you in 2021.
A Gail Bier
Brooklyn, New York

Oh boo hoo!  We’ll try to keep practicing.  We will miss you for sure.  Many thanks for the work you do.

Wow, what a bummer. Hadn’t thought that far ahead. Shame. Good luck to you and yours, and thanks,
– Paul Vernet

Jo-Anne, I’m so sorry to hear that we won’t be having MFC this year.  I would like to roll my fees and Sophia’s over to 2021, since I sure as heck want to go then.
~ Jeff Tucker

Well, that stinks.  Please keep us updated and let us know what’s going on.  Hopefully this will end some day.
Kevin Weatherbee

I was hoping for August, at least… This news made me cry a little. I was unable to block the time for MFC last year due to travel, much to my misery at missing that perfect immersion, and was just waiting for the go-ahead as I’m sure many others were, also. But to my knowledge, you are ALL well and making it through this misery, with the prospect of coming out the other side with a new and optimistic Life Perspective!
Thank you for keeping the MFC info flow going.
See you in 2021!
Ellen Baiely

Oh Jo-Anne,
That is “almost” the saddest news I could have received in the middle of the lockdown! I’ll hop on website and make donation to help out.
Stay safe. I look forward to the Tina Turner revival!
Tom Martin