FIFTH annual “Squeezebox weekend” at Maine Fiddle Camp, June 23-25, 2017

What could be better?  Join Sabin, JimmyJo, David, Nancy 3, and Doug for some great free-reeding.


Sabin JacquesSabin Jacques, from Beaumont , Quebec (near Quebec City), is a member of the Quebecois band,  Raz-de-Marée  (Tidal Wave) along with Maine Fiddle Camp staff members Rachel Aucoin, Eric Favreau and Stuart Kenney. Sabin has taught at Camp for the past several years and camps out with his wife and musical partner Rachel, and their kids, Matthieu and Gabriel. He is a master of the Quebecois style button accordion and foot percussion! You might notice from the picture above he plays left handed.Sabin Jacques Since most button accordions are made for right handed players, he also plays the accordion “upside down”. (yes, Jimi Hendrix comparisons are valid here, both for left handedness AND virtuosity!!) Here’s a video clip of Raz-de-Marée “in action” at a contradance weekend in GA a few years ago. I like this video a lot because the accordion is so energetic and REALLY cuts through!! If you like French Canadian music, note that the whole band, Raz-de-Marée, will be at camp for the June 23-25 weekend . Sabin has taught at festivals and camps all across North America and Europe and will be teaching accordion at both the June week and second weekend sessions.


Jim JosephJim Joseph, from Phippsburg,ME,  and has been on MFC staff both as an accordion teacher and banjo teacher. He is back in 2017 as an accordion teacher. Jim plays button accordion in the Quebecois, New England, and Cajun styles and also plays 5 string banjo, mandolin, fiddle, percussion (foot and otherwise) and is a member of several Maine bands including, T-Acadie, Scrod Pudding, and JimmyJo and the Jumbol’ayuhs,  with Fiddle Camp staffers Pam Weeks and Bill Olson. Jim plays *several* single row Cajun accordions (built by Marc Savoy and Junior Martin), a 2 row Saltarelle D/G box and a 3-row D/G/A Castagnari. Here are some videos of Jim in action: A Cajun song with the Jumbol’Ayuhs, and a set of Quebecois reels with T-Acadie.


David StimsonDavid Stimson  is from Bowdoinham and is probably most well known for playing at contradances with the band Calliope on fourth Fridays in North Whitefield, Maine. He has been very active in the Maine traditional music scene for many years. He is a member of the band Steampacket with MFC staffer, Glen Loper, but also in other combinations like Flowing Tide, a band which includes his wife, Tamora Goltz, and sons Abraham and Nathaniel. David, plays LOTS of instruments including piano, guitar, wooden flute, English concertina, mandolin, tenor banjo. This summer he will be available for instruction on English concertina.

Nancy 3

Nancy 3. Hoffman is a classically trained pianist and works nationally as a music theater director. She leads The Maine Squeeze accordion ensemble, playing international folk music. Her solo work includes international cabaret and her one-woman rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta The Mikado. She is also director and curator of the world’s only Umbrella Cover Museum. Nancy 3. lives on Peaks Island and migrates to Key West, Florida for the winter. Her middle name is really 3. She will be teaching piano accordion for the 2nd June weekend, June 23-25.


TDoug Protsikhis listing wouldn’t be complete without a little bit about our “fearless leader” camp director, Doug Protsik. Doug plays piano, fiddle, guitar, ukulele, melodeon and piano accordion. Doug will be available for lessons on accordion. A founding member of the Maine Country Dance Orchestra and Old Grey Goose, Doug has been director of camp since 2001.

So.. what should you do now?? Well, how about SIGN UP here! You won’t be sorry. In addition to the normal offerings, and of course, great food, jamming, concerts, evening programs, and everything you are used to doing at Fiddle Camp,..  there will be abundant opportunity to learn every style of traditional music on nearly every type of “squeezebox”!

The accordion weekend is relatively new and Maine Fiddle Camp will have some of the top players and instructors teaching at all levels, so bring your squeezebox and tell your accordion playing friends!! Don’t have an accordion? There are often “loaners” at Camp, and once again this year the Button Box in Sunderland (western), Mass will be loaning MFC English and Anglo concertinas for those who just want to “try it out”. Also keep in mind that Maine Fiddle Camp offers instruction in fiddle (obviously), piano, mandolin, guitar, ukulele, banjo, cello, bass, flute and pennywhistle, accordion, all with top instructors. You can “try out” a variety of instruments and if something “sticks” come back in August for a more intensive week long camp!! Maine Fiddle Camp is also a multi-generational camp with instruction for kids and adults at “raw beginner” to “totally experienced” levels, so bring the whole family! Here’s an easy way to get back to the main Maine Fiddle Camp website

How can we pack all of the above into just ONE short weekend you ask? Well, we have a plan and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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