Fogarty’s Jig is a delightful and lively relative of “The Irish Washerwoman”, and was collected by Irish musical historian George Petrie from James Fogarty of Co. Kilkenny in the 1840s. Petrie comments in “The Ancient Music of Ireland” (pub 1855) that it is “a very ancient air, much admired…. A good example of a class of dance tunes termed ‘single jigs’ which are characterized by a pendulum or swinging movement. It appears to be the original form of a double jig now known as ‘The Washerwoman’.” I learned the tune from a recording, “The Living Wood” by harp player Maire Ni Chathasaigh, and guitarist Chris Newman. They credit the Petrie book as their source. I try to bow this tune in long swinging strokes, one per beat, and drive the downbeats, sometimes putting the 1st quarter note in one quick down bow and the following four eighth notes in an upbow. Not hard to learn, and lots of fun to play.

— George Fowler

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