June Weekend II

  • Grey Larsen

    Grey Larsen has been playing anglo concertina since 1970, when he was 15 years old. He is a masterful player in the traditional Irish style, and also has a great deal to offer students who wish to use the anglo in other contexts, such as in Qu├ębecois dance music, Morris dance music, with song accompaniment, etc. In past anglo concertina workshops he has explored numerous topics with students including Irish traditional ornamentation techniques, basic fingering and alternate fingering strategies, bellows management, how to relax with the instrument, and approaches to song accompaniment. Check the video:

  • David Stimson

    David Stimson began backing up country dance music on the guitar in 1965 at the age of eleven. During several summers the 1960s he attended Pinewoods cape with his family while his stepfather, Bob Guillard, taught Morris Dancing and English Country Dance. David’s was first exposed to Contra Dance during the evening dances at Pinewoods; however, the disease remained latent until he learned English Concertina and joined the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra in1979. (more…)