Instructor:  Steve Muise, Violin Level 4

  • Steve Muise

    Steve Muise has been fiddling his family’s Downeast Style for many years. (His parents are 1st and 2nd generation Nova Scotians) He founded the Franklin County Fiddlers, a group of high school musicians that tours around Maine and way beyond displaying, promoting and learning about fiddle styles. Steve is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and is a stringed instrument teacher in the MBRSD schools (Farmington area). Steve was honored with the “Maine Music Educator of the Year” award in 2007 from MMEA. Steve enjoys playing all styles, ranging from Downeast (maritime), Québécois, Celtic, and jazz, and can be seen playing music with his dad Paul, Boréal Tordu, Frigate, Muisette and the Franklin County (more…)

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Virtual Maine Fiddle Camp – Loon’s Nest, June 2020

Steve Muise fiddlemoose@gmail.com

Welcome to the Loon’s nest!

I’d like to work on the following (through using fiddle tunes of course) – coincidentally these are the elements that will help build your overall musicianship.

• playing in tune • posture tips
• shifting
• vibrato
• bowing / tone (Bringing life to the tune)
• Ornamentation
• discovering the keys/scales and chords that go with the tunes (great for adding theme and variation, and ultimately improvisation)
• chromatic scale (so we can get at some notes like f natural, c natural, B flat, etc.) • adding harmony (2 and 3 parts)
• musicality (building ways for you to add your own style!)

You will find the pdfs of each tune, with chord changes, plus recordings in our Loons folder.

“Batchelder’s Reel”, traditional New England Reel (Key of F major), great vehicle for some of the notes from the chromatic scale.

MP3:  Batchelder’s Reel 120 BPM, Loons, Virtual MFC, June 2020
Sheet Music:  Batchelder’s Reel for Virtual MFC June 2020

“Yarmouth Light” – waltz, Steve Muise (great vehicle for vibrato, and harmony)

MP3: Yarmouth Light, Loons, Virtual MFC, June 2020
Sheet Music:  Yarmouth Light, treble PDF
Sheet Music:  Yarmouth Light – High Harmony PDF
Sheet Music:  Yarmouth Light – Low Harmony – PDF
Sheet Music:  Yarmouth Light – score with harmonies PDF

“Robin’s Nest Hornpipe” – Steve Muise (another great vehicle for chromatic scale)

MP3:  Robin’s Nest Hornpipe – Loons, Virtual MFC, June 2020
Sheet Music: Robin’s Nest Hornpipe-violin new PDF

“White-throated Sparrow” – a jig, by Steve Muise

MP3: White-throated Sparrow, Loons, Virtual MFC, June 2020
Sheet Music: White Throated Sparrow PDF

I’m looking forward to making music with you in our virtual Loon’s nest!

Sincerely, Steve

Note from Steve 6-20-2020:

Vibrato readiness video:
You may also want to paste the link to the virtual ensemble:
YouTube “Play-along video”
Also, a reminder of the form for the recording:
The tune plays through 3x.
If you’d like to play either harmony, please only do that on the 2nd and 3rd times.
(just like the source video)
1x:   Everyone Melody  (AABB)
2x:    Melody or harmony (AABB)
3x:   Melody or harmony (AABB going to the third ending, and slowing down at the end).
Dropbox link for Loons to submit their video for virtual ensemble of “Yarmouth Light”
(Due by 10:00 pm, eastern standard time, Saturday, June 20)