MFC Hall of Fame

It takes a lot to put Maine Fiddle Camp together. The Best Maine Fiddle Camp Ever is the coming together of enthusiastic staff, a great setting, a philosophy of listening and making music together, wholesome locally sourced meals, AND a large number of volunteers!  Fiddle Campers bring a positive, supportive attitude to camp to make the experience one-of-a-kind.  The Maine Fiddle Camp Hall of Fame is a recognition of those staff, volunteers and campers that serve as outstanding examples of the values that make MFC what it is.

While the teaching and kitchen staff are very visible, there are many folks that perform vital functions that are somewhat hidden from view.  Their deeds are visible but the effort required to accomplish those deeds remains mostly behind the scenes.  Examples are numerous:  setup and breakdown of the physical camp; registration and reception; bathroom maintenance; public relations and communications; to name a few.  Campers also bring their skills and interests to make MFC so much more than a place to learn a new tune.

We would love to hear from you. Send us an email recommending someone for the MFC Hall of Fame.  Tell us how that person helped make the camp session the best ever. Submissions can be sent to Doug or Jo-Anne.

Members of the Maine Fiddle Camp Hall of Fame:

  • Joe Camper

    Joe Camper has been a regular Maine Fiddle Camper for over 15 years.  Joe is always ready to help out, sometimes peeling potatoes, sometimes helping another camper with a tricky spot in a tune, or just a quick joke to smooth the day.  During the non-camp part of the year, Joe continues to be a great resource for tune transcriptions and obscure recording.

    We are proud to induct Joe into the Maine Fiddle Camp Hall of Fame!