Medical Forms

It is the policy of Maine Fiddle Camp, that all campers of all ages, be able to self-administer any and all routine and/or emergency medications, as prescribed by their physician.
“Routine” medications are those taken by the camper daily or as needed. “Emergency” medications are those such as epi-pens for allergy, and inhalers for asthma.

Permission forms (for emergency meds only) must be completed and attached to the camp registration form, or brought to camp. One form is a doctor’s note, describing the emergency medication needed, and the assurance that the camper can self administer (download here). This form must be completed for all campers of all ages who may bring their emergency medications to camp. The other form is permission signed by a parent or guardian, that their minor child may self-administer (download here).
Finally, any minor child who cannot self-administer their routine or emergency medications, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can be responsible to give the medication to the camper.