The Most Amazing Fiddle Camp Ever!

It was Saturday and it was pouring, they were setting up for the dance. From the time the dance started until the end of the evening at 11 I entered into an infusion of Joy…..To say I laughed and smiled is..!!!!! I smiled until my cheeks ached and I had to keep squeezing them down because I could not stop smiling…I laughed until I was bent over and held my sides to keep them from “splitting at the seams”…my stomach hurt, I couldn’t breathe I thought “Oh My God…I’m going to die laughing (not such a bad way to go)…It was as if a portal into the Hilarity dimension opened and myself and others entered into what can only be described as a realm of pure unadulterated mirth. For about four hours, this experience which I will take to my grave was so intense, and overwhelming that I emerged at the end of the evening, “born again”… baptized with laughter. My deepest gratitude for all of you, those who create, maintain, attend, participate in what was truly The Most Amazing Fiddle Camp Ever!

-Sara Sparks

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