Virtual MFC is becoming a reality!

Virtual MFC is becoming a reality!

We have plans for a V-MFC June 19-21 weekend. Stay tuned for registration schedule and details. To start testing our program system in advance, we are offering some classic MFC events. Please join in! – Doug Protsik

Things will kick off this weekend with a Maestro Bistro and a Fiddle Workshop (see below). These events will be “testing the waters” so to speak, so we can iron out any kinks before we hold VIRTUAL MAINE FIDDLE CAMP in June. We hope as many of you as possible will check out these events and stay tuned for MUCH MORE!!! –

bill o.


The inaugural “Maestro e-Bistro” will be hosted by Neil Pearlman. Here are Neil’s words: The first Maestro e-Bistro is coming on Friday, May 15th at 6pm (EDST) so mark your calendars! These dinnertime concerts from the staff of MFC are paired with a featured dish and special guest from the MFC kitchen. Enjoy the music while you have your meal and be sure to contribute to the conversation in the live chat. This first installment will feature old and new tunes and songs from Ben Foss, Aidan Boardman, Elizabeth Anderson, and Bennett Konesni with special guest from the kitchen Kate Wallace! Kate will be discussing her sourdough rolls which are a staple at camp. Keep your eyes out for a video tutorial on how to make the rolls coming out a few days before the Bistro…

The concert will be streaming on both the MFC YouTube channel and the Facebook group so head to one of those places at 6pm to join us for the show. Links to both:

YouTube: Maine Fiddle Camp YouTube Channel

Facebook:  Maine Fiddle Camp FaceBook Group page


The second preliminary V-MFC event will be a live fiddle workshop via Zoom with Elaine Malkin. Date is Saturday, May 16, 2020, at 2:00pm (Eastern time!) Here are words from Elaine: This workshop is for musicians on any melody instrument at level 4 or 5. Sign up on the MFC Virtual web page, and below are the sheet music and sound files for 2 traditional Québécois tunes.  Download them and get familiar with them. At the workshop we will polish them with the traditional Québécois ornaments and bowings. If you don’t get to practicing them at least have the sheet music handy. The tunes will be: André à Toto Reel and André à Toto 6 8.

You will need to sign up for this workshop and you can do that as well as listen to, view or download the music on the Virtual Maine Fiddle Camp website HERE . There is also info on how to use Zoom on that page if you are unfamiliar.


Moving along, as most of you know Virtual MFC will be held on the weekend of June 19-21. These are the dates that the first MFC weekend would have been held this year. Doug and the team will be trying to emulate “real Camp” as much as possible. There will be a get together Friday night possibly with Staff introductions. Friday will feature live instrumental workshops with your favorite instructors on your favorite instruments. The plan now is to have workshops in the morning and review in the afternoon. In the evening there will be a Virtual Variety Show. Sunday will wrap up camp. We are investigating other events like jam sessions, sacred circle, camper concert, etc. Announcements will be made in upcoming newsletters and you can stay abreast by checking the V-MFC website HERE.


Join the festivities by uploading a musical performance, a workshop, a skit, or a story to YouTube! You can think of this as taking part in the camper concerts, leading a specialty workshop, or performing in the variety show! The sky is the limit!

If you upload your video by June 1st it might be selected for the Official Virtual Variety Show! Space is limited, but everything that gets uploaded will be debuted on the official VMFC playlist even if it doesn’t go in the show! Submissions to the Variety Show will only be used after we ask your permission.

All you need to do is upload a video to your own personal YouTube channel and add the hashtag #virtualmainefiddlecamp to the video title!

Once we get a critical mass of submissions, the MFC staff will create a playlist where you can watch everyone’s videos and connect with each other in the video comments!


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