Instructor:  Glen Loper, Mandolin

  • Glen Loper

    Glen gives private lessons for mandolin and tenor banjo from his home in Portland, ME, and plays for contradances throughout the Northeast, and at festivals across the country with bands such as Frigate, Riptide, The Steampacket, and The Sharktones. Visit Glen at www.glenloper.com.
    49 Brackett St, Portland ME, 04102
    Phone: 207-837-8249
    LINKS: “Frigate” , Riptide



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Glen Loper here! Welcome to the Woodpicker’s Nest!

On Saturday morning we’ll learn a reel and a jig. Sheet music with chord changes and recordings for the tunes are below.  There’s no expectation to know everything for Saturday, but listening to each tune a few times will help if you’ve never heard them. I’ll teach them at a medium pace.
Durang’s Hornpipe (Key of D). We’ll learn the basic tune and then add in drone strings and double stops to fill it out, as well as a couple variations on the tune.
The Legacy (Key of G): We’ll talk briefly about how to play jigs and then learn the tune and a couple variations, again adding open strings and double stops to fill out our sound.
The Saturday afternoon workshop will focus on chords, rhythm and backing ideas.
If you’re completely new to playing chords, here is a packet with some useful shapes.
I’ll post additional material here after the workshop if needed.
The Sunday Workshop: is a topic(s) TBA
Looking forward to it!


Post Camp Workshop Notes

Hi All,
There are three links below
1. One link for all of Saturday’s Zoom video clips (see track listings)
2. One link for most of Sunday’s Zoom video clips (See track listings)
3. A separate Google Drive link for the chord chat to Something (Beatles)
And there one PDF here:
Woodpickers Zoom Recordings from Saturday and Sunday.

Topic: Woodpickers Mandolin Nest w/ Glen Loper: Saturday

Meeting Recording:

Recording Number — Topic
1 — Durang’s Hornpipe: A part Call and Response
2— Durang’s Hornpipe B part
3— Durang’s Hornpipe Whole Tune
4 — Durang’s Hornpipe Chords: Basic and two string
5— Variations on Durang’s Hornpipe
6— A part of The Legacy: call and response
7— B part of Legacy call and response phrases
8 — B part of The Legacy slowly into whole tune slowly
9 —- Durang’s Hornpipe Fast
10 — The Legacy Jig  and B part chord run
Sunday Zoom Notes: Link to All Zoom Files
Topic: Woodpickers Mandolin Nest w/ Glen Loper Sunday

Meeting Recording:

Recording Number    —– Topic
1  —  False Start. nothing useful
2. —- Dropping notes in Verse and at end of Bridge:
3 —-  Bluegrass Chop Chords, how to Chop, and how to mute open chords
4 —-  Reviewing The Legacy Back up ideas


Something Mando Chart