Tunes from the last several years of camp, and the current year, are available below the “Tunes” menu, and no password is necessary to access them. Don’t worry about learning these tunes, they are not a major focus at camp and you’re not expected to know any or all of them by the time camp rolls around. However, we WILL play some of them together on the first evening, at the evening dances, and during jam sessions. These tunes are just a bonus for being a Maine Fiddle Camper and an attempt to preserve and provide a common repertoire of traditional tunes.

Don’t panic, we won’t be using sheet music during camp, although some instructors will be bringing their own materials and tunes to teach. Emphasis is on learning and playing by ear, and we will happily continue to play many of the great tunes that have been so popular over the years.

We usually post a normal speed (MP3) version of the tune and the sheet music (PDF), many tunes also have a slow version (MP3) to assist in learning the tune by ear.

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Christmas/Winter Tunes
Ukekestra Tunes

Click HERE for a dropbox version of all the tunes.