Maine Fiddle Camp

A multi-generational, lakeside, weekend (June) or week-long (June & August) music camp for all ages and levels of ability. Families welcome. Dance music in Scots-Irish, French Canadian, Canadian Maritime & Scandinavian traditions as they’ve evolved in Maine. Learn by ear, learn to play in an ensemble. Staff of scores of traditional musicians giving fiddle, piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, cello, accordion, ukulele, flute and pennywhistle, mountain dulcimer, harmonica, bass and other classes and workshops with performances, jams, singing, dancing, and swimming.  Read more…

What’s New?

August Weeks are Full


Both August camp weeks are full. There is a chance of getting in if you get on the waiting list early.




Yes folks, I KNOW it's “Maine Fiddle Camp”, but we all know MFC is about a LOT more than fiddles. The second June weekend has been “Maine Squeezebox Weekend” since 2013! Here's what we have to offer:

The second weekend in June features instruction in Piano Accordion, Button Accordion and English and Anglo Concertina. For teachers we have Sabin Jacques for button accordion, Nancy 3 Hoffman and Sunniva Brynnell for piano accordion, David Stimson for English concertina, and Grey Larsen for Anglo concertina.


Dudley Teaches Dance Calling June Week 2019

(3/24/2019) In 2019, Dudley will be on staff for the full June week (June 16-21) offering a dance calling workshop. His focus will be on calling dances for one-night stands, weddings, barn dances, birthday parties and community dances with participants of all ages and abilities, that don’t need much teaching. You’ll learn how to call without cards and to play an instrument at the same time (if you wish). He’ll discuss how to choose music for whole set/circle dances, when or when not to use certain dances, the history of these dances/music and his personal connection to both. (more)



Bill: When did you first come to teach at Maine Fiddle Camp?

Éric: I think it was over ten years, or around

Bill: Who recommended you to MFC? Was it either Guy B. or Lisa O.

Éric: No body recommend me to go at MFC, I remember Guy Bouchard had been there before. I was just interested to travel, to go someplace where the people are interested about Québec music. I sent to Doug a package with my CD Reel à 2 and the last album I did with the band Entourloupe. His answer was cool and he invite me the years after.


New! Storytelling Nest at Maine Fiddle Camp with Jennifer Armstrong and You!!


This tasty treat of tale telling will be offered the first June Weekend.  Our weekend together will be an active exploration of voice and storytelling styles. It is not a story swap.  You don’t need to know any stories or how to tell them to come.  We will work with a few simple stories and practice telling them in a variety of ways; fairy tale, tall tale, personal story, story poem, with music, with movement, tandem telling, readers theatre.  We will play with vocal tones and sounds, facial expression and gestures, timing and silence. We will build up our storytelling vocabulary to apply to any story you may want to tell. “Once upon a time there was a fiddler, a dancer and a storyteller.  And if they can live happily ever after, why not you and me?”  Register now to join in the fun!


Simon St. Pierre Project

(7/16/2017) Fiddle campers Emeline Dehn-Reynolds, Peter Yarensky and Paul Fackler, have just completed a project to transcribe the tunes played by Maine fiddler, Simon St. Pierre.  Check out this page to see a short biography of Simon and a discussion of his playing, as well as the detailed transcriptions of his three albums.

New Simon St. Pierre Interview Video

(5/7/2017) In honor of the untimely passing of Maine's legendary Simon St. Pierre in 2016 we are celebrating his music this year at Maine Fiddle Camp. Click HERE to view the last interview and music playing I did with him just a few years ago, and his fiddling is still masterful and a classic example of our region's fiddling style. More tunes from this session on mp3 are available on our website: www.mainefiddlecamp.org. Also there will be an upcoming version, just music performance, with many more tunes from Simon.

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(5/9/2016) Hi Fiddle Campers and potential Fiddle Campers! A few days ago we received a very nice review of MFC for the first August Camp last year. This was so great, we realized we need a page just for folks to send in "testimonials". You will now see that at the top of the web page and can access it here. Feel free to send Camp reviews to us (assistant@mainefiddlecamp.org) and we will review and possibly post them on the website. We won't use your full name if you don't want us to.. Thanks.. - bill o.

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