Virtual Maine Fiddle Camp


February 19-21
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Maestro Bistro Jan 16

Stuart Kenney • Mali Obomsawin • Dudley Laufman

hosted by Doug Protsik and Neil Pearlman

Start the new year off in style with the Maestro Bistro Plus! Join us on Saturday, January 16 for a taste of the best Maine Fiddle Camp can offer. Afternoon workshops, social hour in the Main(e) Tent, a star-studded concert, with the possiblity of a Special Surprise Guest (what?), and a dazzling after-party. Phew. Rosin your bow and dust off your party hat. Can’t wait to see you there!


4:30 p.m.

Stuart Kenney – 5-string Banjo Time

An integrative all-comers banjo workshop for all levels. From gravity-fed (first time players) to experienced folks. We will learn a simple old time tune and play it at our collective levels. We will dive deeply into all aspects of achieving great banjo tone and lock in to our own rhythm. I will share my ideas with open heart and clear listening on how to achieve these goals. Come jam with me! We will be sure to have a bunch of fun together picking up some practical banjo tips. 

Dudley Laufman – A Lifetime of Old Time Country Dance

Dudley‘s workshop will consist of a retrospective of his career in playing for and calling for Old time country dances. He will address some of the changes he has seen over the years. It will be a question and answer type format. Dudley will also cover his experiences since the very beginning of his participation in Maine Fiddle Camp.  For Dudley‘s performance he will play tunes, read poetry, and tell stories.

Mali Obomsawin – GROOVE-TOWN

If you’re relatively comfortable on your instrument (i.e. hand-positions, getting a good sound, finding the notes), we can get into the funnest and most important part of bass playing: groove! We’ll explore a few basslines and fiddle tunes, and discover the crucial difference between groove-town and sloppy-ville. Bring questions or specific groove-related woes if you’ve got them.

Memories of the December Bistro:

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