Mia Bertelli

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Mia Bertelli grew up in the mountains of New Mexico, singing at every chance she could get. Her love of song led her to Vermont at the age of fifteen, where she dove into the polyphonic singing camps of Village Harmony like a penguin into the sea. Since then she has been filling kitchens, streets, concert halls, vegetable gardens, and public restrooms with song, both in the northeast and overseas. Her irrepressible inclination to harmonize and great love of playful nuance have mostly gotten her into all the right sorts of trouble, so she counts them among her blessings.  She has toured with choral groups, small group ensembles, and solo, performing a wide variety of musical genres spanning traditional polyphonic singing and fiddling, solo ballads, country harmony, Swedish cattle-calling, pop, soul, and jazz. As a musician, she and is known for her sensitivity, playfulness, and mellifluous ornamentation. As a teacher, she aims to impart the tools to sing out confidently, listen closely, fearlessly navigate improvised harmony, and build a library of songs that you can’t help but want to sing.