Housing Options

There are several options for housing at Maine Fiddle Camp.

TENTING is the most popular option. NEOFA is not a commercial campground, but a summer children’s camp, so we do not have definite tent “sites”.  Campers find a flat clear area along the shores of True’s pond and stream, or a quieter space in the wooded areas around the ballfield, or entrance and exit roads.   Keep in mind that if tenting along the water in the community area, you will not be able to have your vehicle with you as this area is off limits to vehicles during the camp session.  You may tent with your vehicle in the other areas.  Many family units tent together.

CABINS: We have 12 rustic bunk house cabins, that hold 10 campers each.  Each cabin contains 4 sets of bunk beds, and two single beds, which have kid’s camp style vinyl covered mattresses.  We do not provide bedding, so you will have to bring a sleeping bag or other bedding and a pillow, if needed. Most people bring a sleeping bag, a sheet for warm nights, and a blanket for cooler nights. Cabins do not have electricity or bathrooms.  The bathhouses are nearby, as are a multitude of “porta potties”.   We have two cabins with ramps, if needed, and lower bunks are reserved for special needs campers.

There are designated women’s and men’s cabins, youth boys and girls cabins, and family cabins.  If you are part of a family group, please note that on your registration form, so we can keep you together.  We do not have private cabins, and there are usually more than one family in a cabin.  Many times the cabins are full to capacity.  To reserve a bunk, please select this option on the registration form.  Lower bunks are reserved for special needs campers. There is no extra fee for cabin housing

RV’s and CAMPERS:  We accommodate truck campers, “pull-behind” campers, van campers, and RVs. You are free to sleep in your vehicle also.  There are no hookups of any kind, and you are directed to park in an orderly manner around the ball field, which is a short walk thru the trees to the main campus area.  On arrival, our parking attendants will help you find a space.  Because of noise and fumes (since the area is shared by vehicles AND tents), gas powered generators, both stand alone and ones that are built into a trailer or RV, are NOT allowed on the main campus of Fiddle Camp. This applies to the ball field, and camping areas in and around the ball field. Generators are allowed at designated “off campus” areas. Solar powered electrical generation is allowed and welcome.

LUXURY TENTS: We have a few 10X10 waterproof and bug proof tents available on a first come, first served basis. These must be reserved in advance.  Each tent contains a cedar “double” bed and mattress, and has storage space underneath the bed. These tents are suitable for one or two people, and you would need to bring your own bedding.  The fee: an additional $100 per weekend, and $200 per week.  If you are considering this option, reserve early as they are limited.