Is there a minimum age requirement to attend MFC without a parent/guardian?

Our minimum age to attend overnight without a guardian, is 11 years old. We have no minimum age if attending with family members.  All attending campers must be registered, no matter what age.

Are children welcome at Maine Fiddle Camp?

All children are welcome at MFC.
Children 2 years or younger are free. Children must be 11 years or older to attend without a parent or guardian.
A child must be 6 or older to attend classes without parental supervision, although these guidelines can be flexible under specific pre-arranged circumstances.
Any child with special needs should indicate the situation on their registration form and must have a parent or qualified attendant with them at all times.
Anyone 17 years or younger must follow all rules, stay on site, attend all organized activities, obey the curfew, and expect to behave as a responsible person needing minimal guidance.
Parents attending MFC with children must be responsible for supervising and monitoring all their children’s activities.  This is especially true of youths under 6 years old.  The fee is the same for all attendees and parents, even if they just camp and don’t take classes. Everyone is expected to eat the meals, pitch in, volunteer, participate in the concerts and dances, and be a supportive audience and community member.

Are pets allowed at Maine Fiddle Camp?

There are no pets allowed at camp. Here are some boarding options nearby:

  • Rover in Belfast-  Pet sitters in private homes.
  • Puddleduck in Morrill  – kennels  134 Higgins Hill Rd, Morrill, ME 04952 (207) 209-3243
  • Canine Country Club 1 Canine Ln, Lincolnville, ME 04849 (207) 338-8300

If you have a medically necessary trained service dog please let us know.

What is meant by a “guardian” and can I tent if I’m under 18 years old?

The MFC guidelines for minors attending without their parents is that they need to be accompanied and supervised by an appropriate adult that serves as a parent substitute if they are not bunking under the supervision of a cabin parent.

The intent behind “parent substitute” is that this be a person of appropriate “parental” age to the minor, such as an older couple or family unit with children of similar ages. The guardians must be tenting and if the minor is in their own tent, this tent must be within sight and hearing distance of the guardian’s tent.

We do not allow minors to tent with older siblings that are under 21 years of age as guardians, and really discourage young adults (21-28) from taking on this responsibility when possible.

We are striving to maintain a consistent policy concerning minors and “guardians”.

What type of health care is available at camp? 

 The volunteer nurses/ EMTs at camp can provide basic first aid only. For more urgent/ emergent health issues or injuries, Belfast Walk-in Clinic or the Emergency Department at the Belfast Hospital is available. Any sick or injured child with a parent on site, should come to the first aid station with that adult, if care is needed.  Unaccompanied minors will also receive first aid, and then be sent to the Belfast Walk-In or ED, after a call to parents, if deemed in need of further medical care. 

Do the camps fill up? Is there a waiting list if they do?

Yes, our camp sessions do fill up, especially the August camps.  When we have our maximum number of campers registered, we do set up a waiting list online on the website, but registering there does not guarantee that you will be able to attend.  The best bet is to sign up early!

Do you offer carpooling?

We do not arrange for any rides or carpooling, but we do have a FaceBook page set up to facilitate ride shares among campers.  Our FaceBook group page is HERE.   And our 2019 Rideshare Group is Here.

Are there any public transportation options to MFC / NEOFA Campground?

These are the two airports that are the closest to the campground:

Portland International Jetport (PWM) is 1.75 hours away.

Bangor International Jetport (BGR) is 1.25 hours away.

They both have car rental and limo services.

Bus Services:

Trailways:  https://webstore.trailways.com/locations.asp?state=ME

Greyhound: https://locations.greyhound.com/us/maine

Uber is available:  https://www.uber.com/

Belfast, is the closest major city and many times we campers travelling from that area with possible rides to NEOFA.  You may find connecting rides by using our 2019 FaceBook Rideshare group page.

Is there an additional fee for staying in a cabin?

There is no extra charge for the use of a bunk in a cabin. However we do have a limited number of bunks.  To reserve a bunk, please select this option on the registration form.  Lower bunks are reserved for special needs campers.

Do I need to bring bedding if I’m staying in a cabin?

Yes you would need to bring bedding. The mattresses are of the vinyl covered kids camp style. Sleeping bags are easy, but many prefer to bring sheets and blankets, or a combination of both.  Maine weather is unpredictable, where you may need the sleeping bag AND a blanket on one night and then just a light blanket on another.  Don’t forget your pillow!

Is there RV parking?

Yes, we have space for RV and camper parking in a large ball field surrounded by tall pines. We have parking attendants on duty during registration to help you find a suitable spot.  We do not have hookups of any kind.  Please be advised that there may be limitations on the use of generators, as they can cause many health difficulties for the surrounding tent campers.

Are gas-powered generators allowed at Maine Fiddle Camp?

Gas powered generators, both stand alone and ones that are built into a trailer or RV, are NOT allowed on the main campus of Fiddle Camp. This applies to the ball field, and camping areas in and around the ball field.  Generators are allowed at designated “off campus” areas. Solar powered electrical generation is allowed and welcome.

Message to registrant with trailer or RV:

A common sense policy that has always existed but never written down is this: Gas powered electrical generators are not allowed at any time in the main campus of Maine Fiddle Camp. This means the ball field and camping areas in and around the ball field. This applies to stand alone generators and those built into trailers and RV’s. Since these areas are shared by tenters, the noise and exhaust emissions are not welcome and not healthy. Campers who NEED to use generators are asked to park in designated off campus areas. Solar powered electrical generation is allowed and welcome.

Where can I tent?

NEOFA campground is a children’s camp, not a commercial campground, so there are no designated tent sites to claim.  Tenting happens wherever there is space.  Many choose to set up along the river and True’s Pond.  Many tent in the wooded areas or along the edges of the ball field or fire roads, where it tends to be quieter.  Family units group together.  Look for a cleared space on higher ground.  If unsure, ask for suggestions from parking attendant.

Can I rent a tent?

Yes, we offer a tent with a camping “double” bed, good for one or two people.

Cost:  an additional $100 for a weekend, $200 for a week.  Camper would need to reserve in advance.

Can I sleep in my car?

Yes, sleeping in your car, van, or truck is allowed in the ball field, but not in the tenting area along the water.

Can I just attend one day of camp?  And what does that cost?

Yes, our per diem rate (2020) is $150 per person. You would need to reserve the date with the assistant@mainefiddlecamp.org.

Do you have to bring your own instrument?

Yes, campers bring their own instruments. We may have a few extras available, but we cannot guarantee an instrument for you.

Large items like piano keyboards or acoustic basses are often a problem, especially if campers are flying or taking other public transportation. In this case contact Bill at callbill@hotmail.com and we might be able to set something up or point you to a place locally to rent an instrument,

such as: Buckdancers Choice at  207-774-2219 or sales@buckdancers.comStarbird Music for keyboards here’s their website; http://www.starbirdmusic.com/rentals/  Both of these music stores are in the Portland area..

Do you  need to know how to play an instrument to attend?

No, you do not.  On the registration form, you rate your musical ability within the 6 categories, the first being “Beginner beginner” which means you know very little about your instrument, or how to play it. 

How do I change levels if I find my class to easy, or too difficult?

As adults, if you discover that you are in the wrong class, for whatever reason, you are free to find another group more to your liking.

Youth campers are required to attend the class assigned and must consult with the teacher about switching levels.  The teacher will advise you which group to join.

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

Nothing.  They are the same instrument, but played differently.

There is a saying:  The violin sings and the fiddle dances!!

Do I need to be able to read music to attend?

No. We teach in the traditional “by ear” method. We do publish musical score for your own home practice, or to take to your personal music instructor, but we do not teach or use the scores during MFC sessions.

How do I apply for a work exchange discount or financial aid?

MFC offers financial aid and work/exchange discounts to those who qualify, on a first come first serve basis. Please use the comment section of the registration form for these requests or contact  Doug Protsik at protsik@gwi.net .

Do I need to know the yearly published tunes to attend camp?

The yearly tunes are published for repertoire building and are not required learning to attend MFC.  They are intended for enjoyment, and are many times used as common jamming tunes on opening night.

Can I arrive early on registration/opening day?

Arrival time is 4 pm on the first day of a camp session.  We ask that you do not arrive early.  We are not prepared to greet you, as we may still be in the process of setup.  When camp sessions running sequentially, as with the June camps, we need the time for the current campers to depart before allowing new campers to set up.

Can I make a tuition payment thru PayPal without registering again?

You can make a payment thru your own PayPal account by sending funds to protsik@gwi.net.  We will receive a notice of your payment.  Of course if possible,  sending a check snail mail is appreciated.

What if I left clothing or an instrument at camp? Do you have a “lost & found”?

We have an area designated for “lost and found” during the camp session.  Usually it is around the Arts and Crafts building.   Please check it out  before leaving the NEOFA campground, because someone may have found something you may not know that you have lost! 

If camp is over, you may contact assistant@mainefiddlecamp.org  for clothing and accessories.  We keep stuff for a few weeks after camp sessions finish. 

If you have left an instrument, Doug Protsik would know if something was found.  He is at protsik@gwi.net  or (207) 522-3800.

Is there cell reception at NEOFA?

If you are with a national carrier, there is no problem.  Occasionally we hear of some difficulty, but that has diminished considerably in the last few years.

Will I be able to charge my phone?

We do not have electricity in the cabins or tenting/camping areas.  There is electricity in the community buildings, where charging stations are available. 

Is there internet connection at NEOFA?

We do not have internet access at NEOFA.  Campers can find it at the Liberty Post Office. 

Do you have instrument accessories and supplies at camp?

We do have a “Camp Store” with limited instrument supplies such as batteries and guitar picks. (We also carry our staff CDs, t-shirts, stickers, bag tags, and tote bags.)

Our teachers sometimes have small items like tuners, strings, chin rests, whistles and harmonicas. (Pam Weeks brings many items).   A notice of when and where to purchase these items will be posted in the dining hall.

Please remember that all sales are on a cash or check basis. We do not accept credit/debit cards.

Can family join us for concerts, dance, or other evening activities?

Due to many reasons including safety and security logistics, family/friends are not allowed on the campground without expressed permission from Doug Protsik, exception being the Final Concert on the last day of the camp session.  This concert runs from 1-3pm.