Irish Session

The Irish tunes session has been a regular specialty workshop at camp for the past three years. Sharon Pyne and Alden Robinson plan to continue anchoring this jam session (between 5 and 6 p.m. every day of camp) in hopes of building common repertoire beyond the yearly fiddle camp tunes. This page is devoted to audio clips and suggestions of tunes that we will play at the Irish tune session this summer 2019.  Looking forward to our carefree hour beneath the pines sharing jigs and reels!

Tune Suggestions for Irish Jam Session 2019

Audios and Sheet music can be found by year on this website..under “Tunes”

2019 Contentment is Wealth Jig, Billy Sullivans Polka, Peat Fire Flame, Joe Ryan’s Barn Dance, Julia Clifford’s Jig

2018 O’Keefe’s Slide, Bill Malleys Barn Dance

2015 Fig for a Kiss Slip Jig

2013 Jessica’s  Polka, John O’Leary’s Slide

2012 Kerfunken Jig

Cooley’s Morning Dew: Download Cooley's Morning Dew

Little Bag of Spuds:  Download Little Bag of Spuds

Maid on the Green:  Download Maid on the Green

Garrett Barry’s Jig:   Download Garrett Barry's Jig

Private Ass And Cart Reel:   Download Private Ass And Cart Reel