How to Participate in a Virtual Ensemble

If you would like to participate in a virtual ensemble, the process is pretty simple.  Your nest instructor will send you a video or sound file with the master track, you will play along (just like a camper concert) and a Fiddle Camp staff video editor will magically combine the videos.  What? No recording device? A couple of possibilities:  get your child/grandchild/parent to be your camera person;  you can also use Zoom with you as the only participant and record the session.

1) Set up the tune video from your teacher on a playback device–likely a computer–and headphones are preferred.
2) Set up a filming device–likely a phone–to film yourself as you play along. Horizontal orientation, well-lit, and quiet is best.
3) Tune your instrument!!
4) Start the original tune video playback, hit “record/film” on your own filming device, and play along!
5) When finished, upload to the Dropbox link provided by your nest instructor.

You do not need to have a dropbox account to submit files!
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These videos will be created and released in the weeks following camp. If things really get moving quickly enough, we may even be able to include some videos during a camper concert on Sunday. As always, reach out with questions!