Maine Fiddle camp is NOT just for fiddles. We have some of the top banjo players in the northeast teaching in a variety of styles.. Check out the instructors (below) and when you’re ready to sign up go to the registration page!

June Weekend I

  • John Gawler

    John plays 5-string banjo, guitar, and piano and is the best bottom feeder in the business! When he isn’t smiling and putting on a roof, he is smiling and singing a Woody Guthrie song, accompanied by his wife, Ellen Gawler, or one of his daughters in the Gawler Family Band. Besides doing workshops, John helps host the camper concerts.
    282 Guptill Rd. Belgrade ME O4917 207-495-2267

June Week

  • Jennifer Armstrong

    Visit Jennifer’s website (
    233 Poors Mill Road Belfast ME 04915 207-322-2265

  • Sara Grey

    Sara Grey has been playing banjo for over 58 years.
    Her dad, from northern NH, played fiddle and he took Sara down south when she was young back in the early 50’s to watch some of the “old boys” play and sing. She took that knowledge back up to NH where she grew up,and played for square dances when she was still in school. She has been playing ever since….dividing her time between the states and Scotland. She has taught wherever she has lived and at many traditional music camps and schools. (more…)

June Weekend II

  • Jennifer Armstrong

    Visit Jennifer’s website (
    233 Poors Mill Road Belfast ME 04915 207-322-2265

  • Mary Fraser

    Mary Fraser began her musical life by training in classical violin for thirteen years, concluding with a Suzuki method violin teacher certification.  She then left the classical music world and traveled extensively throughout the UK, immersing in the traditional music of her heritage.  Carrying right on into the southern US states to study the old time fiddle styles of eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina.  (more…)

August Week I

  • Stuart Kenney

    One of the most in demand upright bass, and five-string banjo players on the US contradance circuit, Stuart Kenney’s regional musical interests sweep from Southwest Louisiana to Acadia. He has a long career in many traditional music genres. His interest in Quebecois music formed through the fiddling of Lisa Ornstein, and performances by La Bottine Souriante. The inclusion of French Canadian music into the living tradition of New England contradance music caught his attention early on. (more…)

August Week II

  • Carter Logan

    Carter plays banjo with his band “Jerks of Grass” and also plays for dances. He has a unique repertoire and we are pleased to have him on staff at camp