Boom Chickadees

Instructor:  Rachel Aucoin, Piano

  • Rachel Aucoin

    After a frankly classical training including two Masters degrees (performance, UofM 2001 and piano pedagogy, UL, 2003), two first prizes at the prestigious Canadian Music Competition (1997 and 1998) and a solo performance of Beethoven’s second with the Orchestre Symphonique de la Montérégie (1997), Rachel Aucoin specialises today in folk music accompaniment, since her first appearance at the Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordéon in 1999.

    She never imagined this apparently innocent performance would change her musical destiny. (more…)


Participation in this workshop requires the use of the Zoom application and is available for smart phones, tablets, Windows-based computers, and Apple-based computers. By clicking on the Zoom link below, you will be asked to downloads the application. To avoid delays, you might want to install Zoom before the workshop. The free version of Zoom is all that is needed. If you have not used Zoom before HERE are some suggestions to get the most out of the workshop.
Please note that the material presented is subject to change. Also, the workshop may be recorded and posted on this page and on YouTube. The recording is intended to capture the presentation of the instructor and may include comments and images of attendees. If you do not wish to be recorded, please turn off your video in the Zoom session.



Hello all piano chickadees,

Really looking forward to meeting you all this weekend!
As I am preparing material, why not get acquainted with these tunes, as they still have time to become ear-worms between now and Saturday morning!
You can, for example, download them to your device and take them for a long hike…

The idea is just to get familiar with the melodies, no stress and don’t worry even about listening to any chording. You’ll have plenty to work on by Saturday. By the way, even if you learn the tutorial chording version ahead of class, the version I will teach you might be different in some ways. Focus on the melodies for now.

First, we’ve been invited to learn a tune along with the Buffleheads (fiddle with Eric). It is called FOLKORE EN TÊTE. Listen to it by clicking on the tune’s title on this page:
Then, here is a short list to start with (hey, we only have 4 hours, how much can we cram in there 🙂
When you dig these out, you’ll discover a WORLD of accessible documents on those tune pages (right here for the general list ) , readily available. I find MFC amazing in that way. So generous.
See you soon,