Help Jeremiah McLane!

Jeremiah, Annemieke, and Luke McLane’s house in Strafford, VT burned to the ground on Tuesday night. Luckily, they were not home and no one was hurt. However, they lost all their possessions—including their treasured instruments. Jeremiah is the second MFC staff member (after Kaity) to lose a house to fire this summer.

You can help! There are two ways to donate money:

Online via GoFundMe

By check (payable to “McLane Recovery Fund”) through the United Church of Strafford:

United Church of Strafford Deacons
PO Box 124
Strafford VT 05072

Here are words straight from Jerry:

Dear friends, It’s been 3 days since our house burned down. We are all three safe, and doing ok, considering everything. We want to say thank you for all the support that’s come our way; the outpouring of love is helping us keep going. Bless all of you who’ve reached out and to those holding us in your hearts. And remember to tell those important to you that you love them.

A message from Jeremiah’s sister Tii: Thu 8/6/2020 8:16 PM

Hello everyone. Just to re-cap the events of the last few days. Jeremiah, Annemieke, and Luke McLane’s house burned to the ground on Tuesday night. 5 towns responded to the call, but the house had already collapsed when they arrived, and their energy was focused on putting the fire out. So far there is no word on what caused the fire. Jeremiah, Annemieke, and Luke were away (in Maine) at the time, spared a difficult night, but all the same having to process the loss of so much of their lives. (The fire took Annemieke’s beloved piano and Jeremiah’s instruments, as well as their little son’s baby bass, and a lifetime of music collected.) The outpouring of love and support for the family has been really incredible… thank you all so much for that! A fund has been set up in their name (see below). Lots of other types of offerings have been made and are welcome. We have been keeping track of them so that J/A/L can reach out later as it becomes more clear what they need/want. It will really mean a lot to them that you are all expressing such support. If you have questions you can contact me, Elisabeth McLane <>. Thanks again, Tii

United Church of Strafford Deacons
PO Box 124
Strafford VT 05072

You can also donate online through a secure donation portal of the United Church of Strafford. Click below to open the donation window, check “McLane Recovery Fund,” and fill out the other information required by the form. Donations through this portal will go 100 percent into the Mascoma Bank McLane Recovery Fund.

From Bill:

Jerry has been on the MFC staff teaching piano accordion for over a decade. He often anchors the dance band on piano for evening barn dances and is pretty much “everywhere” when at camp. I first remember Jeremiah when the Clayfoot Strutters came to play at one of the very early Downeast Country Dance Festivals. What a mind blowing experience THAT was!!! Here’s a fuzzy video that I took at camp in 2011 that says a lot more about Jerry than I can say in words:

From his website:

The music of composer, accordionist, and pianist Jeremiah McLane is a unique blend of Franco-American, Celtic, jazz, and roots influenced music. In 1980 Jeremiah started studying Celtic music and began playing the accordion, influenced largely by the Bothy Band and Dedanann. He studied with Chicago accordionist Jimmy Keane and Cape Breton pianist Doug McPhee. In the early 1990s he helped start two bands with strong traditional New England roots: The Clayfoot Strutters and Nightingale, both of which are active today. In 2003 he formed Le Bon Vent, a sextet specializing in Breton and French music. He has recorded nine CDs with these and other musicians.

Here is a (long) list of Jerry’s bands:

Please help out!!! – bill o.

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