Flute and Pennywhistle

Even though the name of the camp is Maine Fiddle Camp, you can sign up to learn wooden flute or pennywhistle with “no strings attached”.. This year Sharon and Sandy will be teaming up to offer instruction at all levels, and you don’t even need to bring an instrument, since pennywhistles will be available at camp. Finally, since Fiddle Camp is located on True’s Pond, Sandy also reminds us that the whistle is one of the few instruments you can take swimming with you!! Sign up here.

June 2019   I would like to suggest that whistle and flute players  LISTEN  to the following tunes…just listen while driving or putting away dishes etc.  Audios and Sheet can be found by year on this website..under “Tunes”  If you can get some tunes in your head first, it will be easier to learn them at camp.  If you have a voice memo or recording device…record them from the website so it will be easier to access them.  Bring your recording device to camp to record more tunes.   Here are the tunes to listen to:


Angeline the Baker Key D
Joe Ryan’s G
Julia Clifford’s Favorite D
Peat Fire Flame Em


O’Keefe’s Slide Em
Road to Boston D
Rakes of Mallow G

Other tunes to listen to:

Britches Full of Stitches 2010
The Wren 2010
Coleman’s March 2014
Have you Been to Ireland 2011
Skye Boat Song  2010

Here is one of the 2019 flute and penneywhistle tunes that will be taught.  It is called
Sunny Banks Reel:

Famous Ballymote Reel:

Humors Of Drinah Jig:

Johnny Mickey’s Slide:

Isabaux s’y Promene:

The Trip to Pakistan: