Youth Fiddle Jam Sessions, 3/16, 4/20 & 5/18

Please join us for the seventh Youth Jam Session at Bath Dance Works in downtown Bath.  This session was created by music teachers to give young musician an opportunity to play tunes with each other and learn by ear.   It is for all levels.   We will start with simple tunes and proceed to the more advanced.  The emphasis will be on fiddle tunes in keys of  D, G, A,Em and Am … Instruments other than fiddle are welcome!!   

Thanks to everyone who came to the first five jams.  They were  a great success.  We had a few fiddlers, a banjo player, ukulele, tin whistle and guitar.  Hopefully everyone will begin to  memorize tunes from the list each month.  The best way to prepare for the jam is to listen to the tunes ahead of time until they are in your head….and then practice with or without the sheetmusic.  Audio clips and sheet music are available on Maine Fiddle Camp website. We will play from both lists below.  The easier tunes are the ones in purple below.  If you are just joining us pick one or two tunes to practice before Friday/   Please  feel free to pick a tune or two from the list that you would like  to play.    I will try to bring the sheet music but we only have a few music stands.

Please spread the word to other musicians.

Warmly, Sharon Pyne


Fridays   March16th  April 20th  May 18th
5:00-6:00  all instruments welcome!!
Bath Dance Works 72 Front Street 3rd floor..nice and warm
Suggested Donation $10/musician $20/family
RSVP   email or text/call 207- 522-3900
We will have snacks at 4:30 since we are meeting during the dinner hour.
Sponsored by Maine Fiddle Camp

Tunes for Jam Session:

Sheet music and audio for tunes below can be found on the Maine Fiddle Camp web     Most of them are in the 2010 collection.

click “Tunes”  click 2010

Tunes for February 2018  Jam Sessionn

The Wren
Rakes of Mallow
Rd. To Lisdoonvarna….see › Tunes › slides
Road to Boston
Joys of Quebec
Marie’s wedding
Red wing
Lilting Banshee Jig  from 2017
Cold Frosty morning  from 2017
Munster Cloak 2018
Review Tunes from Fall 2017  Jam Sessions

Camptown races
Britches full of stitches
Boil them cabbage down
Flop eared mule
Cock of the north
Oh Susanna
Oh Joe Clark,
Sky boat song

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