Jenny van West

Jo-Anne, Not at all surprised but still of course SO sad to hear it….2021 is going to be a banner year. Hope you are doing ok in all of this. Thinking of all my MFC staff buddies!!! Love always, Jenny … Continue reading

cynthia phinney

Hello Joanne – yes, so sad. But so important to do. I have quite a bit of experience using Zoom for online meetings (even going to use it next week for my hairdresser to coach me through a haircut, because … Continue reading

A Gail Bier

Oh no! I understand the decision but am really sorry not to  have the hope of going to the Maine fiddle camp for the two weeks in August.  I was hoping that the decision could be put off until later … Continue reading


Oh boo hoo!  We’ll try to keep practicing.  We will miss you for sure.  Many thanks for the work you do. –Willy

Paul Vernet

Wow, what a bummer. Hadn’t thought that far ahead. Shame. Good luck to you and yours, and thanks, – Paul Vernet

Jeff Tucker

Jo-Anne, I’m so sorry to hear that we won’t be having MFC this year.  I would like to roll my fees and Sophia’s over to 2021, since I sure as heck want to go then. ~ Jeff Tucker

Kevin Weatherbee

Well, that stinks.  Please keep us updated and let us know what’s going on.  Hopefully this will end some day. Regards, Kevin Weatherbee

Ellen Baiely

Jo-Anne, I was hoping for August, at least… This news made me cry a little. I was unable to block the time for MFC last year due to travel, much to my misery at missing that perfect immersion, and was … Continue reading